Bring Your Body Back to
Balance & Harmony

Rophé Acupuncture is an Eastern Medical Clinic that finds the roots of your issues which helps in body restoration. We offer community-style clinic pricing with redesigned spaces made for social distancing. The treatment areas are quite private which keeps you safe and is still affordable.

For those interested in natural restoration and healing who are tired of Western Medicine’s standard of care, Rophé Acupuncture searches for the source of your concerns and stimulates your body to re-balance. Unlike Western doctors who prefer to prescribe pharmaceuticals or surgery, Rophé Acupuncture treats the whole body not only the symptoms.


is the use of needles in specific points to gather or disperse unbalanced energies. Commonly used to treat pain, insomnia, fertility, digestion, migraines, women’s health, stress/anxiety and depression. Other modalities of treatment available include trigger-point and electric-stimulation.

Asian Herbs

can be prescribed for the difficult issues not easily resolved by acupuncture alone. Since the medicine is kept in its natural form, the decoctions are easier to digest & regulate.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

is a way to reduce the some visible signs of aging. Balancing the water and muscular tensions of the face, wrinkle lines can be relaxed with skin appearing to be smoother.


Jay helped me resolve a consistently-painful shoulder issue that I was certain was structural and would require surgery. Instead, he found knots and tightness all around my shoulder and used acupuncture to relieve them. The impact on my shoulder was unbelievable and I am currently pain-free.  From there, Jay helped me recover from a partially-torn achilles tendon, in part by keeping my calves loose/free of tightness. It seems that whatever is causing an ache or pain, Jay can find a way to ease it through acupuncture. I highly recommend him.

 — J.S.

He is a really amazing person. His counselling is so appreciated And his treatment is really so good. My pain was relieved within a day… exactly how he said…Thank you for everything.

 — F.O.